Terms and Conditions

Summary of our site usage agreement, service terms, and conditions.

By joining Astadala Membership, you agree to these terms and conditions. These materials are provided by Astadala Hospitality, Bali – Indonesia, its subsidiaries, affiliates and related entities (“Astadala”, “Astadala website”, “Astadala brands”) as a service to its customers and may be used for informational purposes only.

General Program

Astadala Membership (“the Program”) provided by Astadala Hospitality (“Astadala”) is designed to enable guest to get special member rates and other possible benefits to stay at Astadala’s brands (listed on Participating Accommodations).

Participating Accommodations

Accommodations participating in the program are limited only to properties under managed by Astadala Hospitality. Four Astadala properties including its official websites in category of accommodation are listed in the Program as below:

  • Villa Seminyak Estate & Spa (www.villaseminyak.com)
  • The Seminyak Suite – Private Villa (www.theseminyaksuite.com)
  • The Haere, Seminyak (www.thehaereseminyak.com)
  • The Bene Hotel, Kuta (www.thebenehotel.com)

Three above properties in category of villa are located in Seminyak, Bali – Indonesia, while the hotel category is situated in Kuta, Bali – Indonesia.

Joining The Program

Membership Registration
Registering to the Program is free of charge and opens to all individuals who are legally considered to be an adult and possesses the legal authority to agree to the terms and condition of the Program.

For other requirements, you must have an active e-mail address and also be able to provide valid and accurate personal information when enrolling on the Program.

By joining the Program, you agree to receive electronic communications relating to the operation of, and services offered by, the Program, including information messages, promotions, and information regarding the operation of the Member's account.

You must access the online registration form through the link that you can get in these following ways:

  • Through any of Astadala’s brand sites that listed on Participating Accommodation.
  • Through any of Astadala’s brand social media accounts.
  • Send inquiry to request link to Astadala reservation team through email or phone.
  • If you are already on our subscriber database, you will get a special membership invitation through any of Astadala’s brand Newsletters.

Once your registration accepted, you will get any of special benefits offered by the Program, including booking with special member rates to any of Astadala’s brands and receiving other possible extra complimentary.

Personal Member Account
Any of your personal information should be self-managed at the feature “Manage Account” on your account of Program. Your personal information must be valid, accurate, and kept current.

By using your personal account, you are able to use the following features and services offered by the Program:

  • View special rates of the Program
  • Be recognized as Astadala member on any of Astadala’s brand sites.
  • Get possible extra complimentary or other extra benefits at any of Astadala’s brands.
  • Automatically subscribe to Astadala Membership Newsletter to receive any special promotions and updates.

The Program Benefits

As Astadala member, you are able to get the special member benefits that applicable to any of Astadala’s brands as below:

  • Member Rates
    You will be able to book special member rates to stay at any of Astadala’s brands that listed on “Participating Accommodations”. To get this special rate, make sure your registered email address has been verified.
  • Your member rate only is only valid for Direct Booking only. Direct Booking or 'book direct' refers to: book your stay directly through our villa's official website, and or through our contact numbers and email provided in our sites, NOT through any other third party or affiliated booking sites.
    This special rate can be viewed and booked online, when you login into your Membership account. Member-only rate is currently available online at Astadala Membership site and Villa Seminyak Estate & Spa's official site. It also will be coming soon online on other Astadala' brands site. You may also booked your member rates via direct email or phone inquiry to our reservation team.
  • Extra Complimentary Benefits
    You may get any possible extra complimentary benefits during your stay and special promotion priority for your upcoming stay.
  • Giveaways Opportunity
    You may get opportunities to win giveaways from any special member-only lucky draw and contest.

Products and Services

Any information and details regarding products and services of each Astadala’s brands are available on each Astadala’s official brand site. (Please find brand site links on "Participating Accommodations")

Membership Cancelation

You may cancel your membership by deleting your account. To request the account deletion, you can use the button deletion request on Manage Account or you may contact us at support[at}astadala[dot]com and give your permission to remove your account.

Once your account is disabled, you will not be able to access and enjoy all the Program benefits and services. This policy is also applicable if somehow you cancel your membership upon your stay at any of Astadala’s brands and have already paid some deposit based on Astadala Member Rates that you get. Astadala has a right to charge the rest of your payment with non-member price.

In case, if you want to request the member rates in the future, you should register again as a new member, because we are unable to re-activate your disabled account.

Reservation with Member Rates

Making Reservation

Member-only Rates can be viewed through any of Astadala’s brand sites only when you login into your account of the Program. If you want to book with member rates, ensure you are always logged in.

Once you have made a confirmed reservation, we will only send the reservation/payment confirmation by email as proof of booking, and must be presented upon check-in for verification.

When you can't claim member rate?

  • If you didn't have verified member account on Astadala Membership.
  • If you are not yet made a direct booking with us (through villa's official website, villa's email or phone).
  • If you made one or multiple reservation for other people that haven't registered on Astadala Membership.
  • If you made reservation during peak season period (Dec 25 - Jan 5).
  • If you sell your member rate to other parties.

Once your booking is not eligible for member rate based on one of above points, we have a right to reject your memberhsip reservation.

Member Rate Display & Promotion
All prices are quoted, and must be paid in Indonesian Rupiah (Rp).

Displayed or advertised ‘Member-only Rate’ or 'Member Rate' is picked-up from lowest available price starting 15 days from today that applies for bookings confirmed by today (Today’s Best Price).

Any price display followed by “Net” or “Nett” word indicates that the rates are inclusive of 21% tax and service charge, while price display followed by “++” sign (pronounced ‘plus plus’) indicates the price does not includes/subject to 21% tax and service charge.

Rates and prices are valid for standard double room occupancy (2 people in one bedroom), or single occupancy for extra bed, are inclusive of breakfast, standard amenities, and services.

Daily villa prices will fluctuate and vary at any time without notice, depend on; seasonal, availability, special offers, and other conditions. High/peak season surcharge or compulsory dinner charge may apply on certain period. To keep updated, please always check the latest rates and availability on this website regularly for your preferred staying dates to view the applied final price.

All prices, including any special rate quotes given to you on case by case basis (through website, email, or phone) always has a limited validation. Confirmed and paid booking must be made to claim such offer before expires.

Reservation Guarantee
To secure your villa reservation allocation, an advance payment/deposit is required by our payment method. Guarantee amount will vary from one night charge to full charge depends on factors such as; types of offer, seasonal/booking period, length of stay and other terms and conditions specific to your reservation.

Without guaranteed payment, no villa allocation will be kept/guaranteed for your reservation, and will be subject to availability on your check-in date.

Payment Method
When you book through any of Astadala’s brand sites, the booking system will guide you at the final step to make the secure online credit card payment via DOKU. Our official Internet Payment Gateway provider, DOKU, will handle your secure online credit card payment. We accept VISA, MasterCard, JCB, and American Express.

a. Secure Online Transaction
Mandatory payment verification process has been set by DOKU to protect your credit card from unauthorized usage. During the online payment process, the credit card's secure 3D verification system will require you to input a verification code that send to your phone --that has the phone number used for your credit card holder profile data. The code is only valid within 5 minutes to be used, or otherwise have to be regenerated and resend to your phone.

b. Failures and Errors
When your credit card payment via DOKU failed, you may provide another credit card details and redo the verification process. You also should contact your bank or credit card provider for any possible failure reasons, such as;

  • The card is blocked for overseas transaction
  • The card is blocked for online transaction
  • Provided card details are invalid or expired
  • Not enough fund in the card or over limit usage
  • The cards 3D security/verification feature is not active/disabled
  • Miscellaneous technical/network problem (non-card issue). Some case in this category, such as your fund is reported to be successfully deducted, but the payment is failed. No need to worry, refund will be automatically processed from the failure caused by system connection issues.

If you wish to use alternative method such as; Bank Transfer or ATM transfer (for local ATM only), please contact our Reservation Center to provide the bank account info. Check the details below about our alternative payment menthod:

  • By Bank Transfer
    Based on request basis, we will send our official bank account details to your email after your reservation. Our bank account must be receive your payment in full amount, exclude any bank fees (either for deposit or full charge from total reservation). Bank transfer method is not recommended for last minute booking or bookings that less than 14 days prior arrival, because it takes time to arrive into our account (especially from overseas banks). Proof of transfer must be scanned/captured and sent by email to our Reservation Center's email.
  • By ATM Transfer
    ATM payment is applicable for Indonesian resident and local ATM only based on request basis. Proof of transfer must be scanned/captured and sent by email to our Reservation Center's email.

A booking/reservation is not "confirmed" or "guaranteed" until any of Astadala’s brands receive the payment as invoiced.

IMPORTANT NOTE on reservation payment:

  • Any specific payment due date will be stated in our website, and or informed by our Reservation Center via email, as it may vary depend on each specific booking terms and conditions.
  • The availability hold of your selected room will be released back if no payment is cleared before the due date. To avoid any problems and inconvenience, please bear the timing in mind, especially when you select bank transfer as the payment method, it may take few days to arrive in our account, especially between overseas banks. Thus, in normal circumstances, we did not recommend bank transfer method for reservation less than 14 days prior to arrival.
  • Upon check-in, the payment confirmation must be shown for booking verification. See Check-in / Check-out section for futher details.

Booking Amend, Cancellation, No-Show, and Refund Policy

Complete details about booking amend and cancellation policy, please click this link.

Check-in / Check-out

At most of our brand properties the check-in time is at 3 PM, and the check-out time is at 12 PM. Early check-in or late check-out is subject to availability and may also subject to extra charge (see “Day Use”).

Required upon check-in:

  • Business card/ID contains of registered company named where you currently and permanently working based on Program’s Member Eligibility.
  • Booking confirmation email
  • Payment confirmation email (when you pay the reservation by credit card via DOKU)
  • Valid government ID
  • A refundable security deposit (Recomended in cash for instant refund)
  • Non-cash deposit will be based on our Refund Policy)

Security deposit is required is to cover any incidental charges, such as; accidental breakages, lost keys, telephone, restaurant, etc., that may be incurred during your stay. This deposit will be returned upon check-out if not used. Refundable security deposit rate are differently adjusted by each participating accommodation.

Refundable security deposit for villas:

  • IDR 500.000 for one bedroom villa booking
  • IDR 1.000.000 for two bedroom villa booking
  • IDR 1.500.000 for three bedroom villa booking

Refundable security deposit for hotel:

  • IDR 300.000 for any room type booking

Day Use

Day use or late check-out is subject to availability and may not be available if the room has been booked for that day. A 50% charge from the applicable rate (may be different from your previous rate) is applied for late check-out until 6 pm. Any extended stay exceeding 6 pm will be charged in full rate.

Copyright Notice

Astadala exclusively retains ownership of all rights, title and interest in and to (all intellectual property rights of) the website and it’s content on which the service is made available and you are not allowed and not entitled to resell, use, copy, monitor (e.g. spider, scrape), hyperlink to, deeplink to, display, publish, promote, integrate, utilize, download, combine, use the content (including any translations thereof), reproduce any content or information, software, reservations, vouchers, products, or services available on our website and it’s related booking engine for any commercial or competitive activity or purpose without our express written permission. Any unlawful use or any of the aforementioned actions or behaviour will constitute a material infringement of our intellectual property rights (including copyright and database right).

Program Communications

As Astadala member, you may access all information regarding your membership in the Program via your personal account. Members are reminded that by becoming a Member of the Program, they agree to receive electronic communications associated with the operation and services offered by the Program. If you no longer wish to receive this information, which is deemed essential for the Program operation, you must ask to leave the Program (see the membership cancelation). Any member who joins the Program further agrees to receive commercial information electronically by email from the program, including promotions for members only. If you no longer wish to receive commercial communications by email, you may unsubscribe at any time from these commercial offers by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the end of the email. This action has no effect on your membership. You must notify the Program of any changes of email or, name, or any other relevant information via your account.

Please use Internet E-Mail only to send us non-confidential notes. Do not include confidential personal or private information. For your protection, our responses will not include any confidential information. Please do not use Internet E-Mail to send us transaction instructions. Customers who choose to send Internet E-Mail messages to Astadala that contain confidential, private or personal information do so entirely at their own risk.

Please refer to our Privacy Statement page for further information regarding personal data collection, usage, control, and protection.


Last updated: January 28, 2018

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